Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design



Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design was founded on October 1, 1930 as Kyiv Polytechnic Institute of Leather Industry.

Since its founding, the institute had three faculties: Chemical Technologies, Mechanics and Technology, Engineering and Economics.

Since 1932, the institute has annually produced specialists, even during the Second World War when the Institute was evacuated to the Urals.

In June 1944, the Institute returned to Kyiv and began to train specialists in two specialties: technology of fabrics and knitwear technology. Since that time, the Institute was named Kyiv Technological Institute of Light Industry (KTILI). Under this name, Institute existed 48 years.

In 1992, Kyiv Technological Institute of Light Industry was accredited to the 4-th (highest) level of specialized training and renamed into the State Academy of Light Industry of Ukraine (SALIU). Later in 1999, after the re-accreditation it was renamed in Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design (KNUTD).

Considering the national and international recognition of performance and contribution to the development of national education and science, according to the President of Ukraine, the University has received national status and became known as the Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design (KNUTD).

In 2016-2017 a.y. according to "List of disciplines and specialties, which trains candidates of higher education", approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from April 29, 2015 № 266 KNUTD ready to train specialists in 14 disciplines, 12 specialties for Bachelor "junior specialist", 21 specialties the degree of "bachelor", 15 specialties EQL "specialist", 17 specialties for degree "Master".

Also, the University prepares candidates and doctors in 12 specialties that can defend their dissertation in six specialized academic councils.

In addition, according to the license, KNUTD provides the following educational services:

To ensure cost-effectiveness of educational activities at the university in 2016 was the restructuring of the Faculty of Economics and Business and the Faculty of Law, the last was renamed to Faculty of Entrepreneurship and Law (KNUTD decree №21 from 18.02.2016 g.) and reorganized Institute of Continuing Education (Order KNUTD № 21 dated 18.02.16, the KNUTD Order No. 39-015 dated June 30, 166)

Total university enrollment of more than 10000 students in 32 specialties and 34 specializations.



International cooperation is an integral part of KNUTD, it started in 1948. Since that time, the University has trained about 1,700 experts from 71 countries.

An important area of international cooperation is the membership of KNUTD in international educational and production associations. The university is a member of the European Enterprise Support Network (EEN) – Enterprise Europe Network (since 2011) – 600 organizations representing 250 consortiums from 40 countries. Including 27 countries of the European Union (9 members from Ukraine).

In order to get scientific, educational and business contacts with international partners during the year 2016, the University hosted delegations from: Azerbaijan, Republic of Belarus, Bangladesh, Georgia, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Ecuador, PRC, Congo, Pakistan, Palestine, Moldova, Morocco, Russia, Syria, Dominican Republic, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Poland, Greece, Argentina, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Italy, France, Great Britain

In the 2016-2017 academic year 444 foreigners from 20 countries study at the university. Students are trained at 7 faculties.



University has the following faculties:





The research and innovation activities of the University are provided by 17 scientific schools, 2 art schools, 6 scientific directions of economic direction and 33 scientific laboratories.

The scientific and teacher`s staff of the University in 2016 carried out 16 state budget themes for priority directions of science and technology development with the amount of financing 3095,229 thousand UAH. (In 2015, 15 state-financed themes were implemented with a funding volume of UAH 2667,298), also:

In 2016, 5 applied topics were completed. Transition objects to 2016 is 11 themes (fundamental - 8, applied - 3).



Fruitful collaboration of teachers and scientists from the University allowed to hold a decent position place in the national and international rankings.

The main achievement of the University's team is the successful entry into the world's best design schools of the world – 75th place in the Top 100 Fashion Schools In The World. Our University being the only representative of Ukrainian universities and even universities in Eastern Europe.

In the rating "Consolidated Rating of Universities of Ukraine", our University takes 26th place and 8th place among the capital's universities. Kyiv National University of Technology and Design in the ranking "Best Universities of Ukraine" takes 27th place, in the international rating of the scientific-metric base Scopus – 38th place among educational institutions of Ukraine, according to the latest results Webometrics rating – 37th place in the ranking of websites – 6th place in Ukraine and 2nd place in Kyiv.

According to official data of the state statistics of Ukraine, as a result of research by ICCA – 50 (Congress and Conventional Association at 50) among the companies working in Ukraine according to indicators of financial and economic activity Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design was awarded the status title of "Choice Ukraine 2016" for contribution to the development of Ukraine.

Over the many years of seminal, fruitful work the staff of the university has been repeatedly with diplomas, gifts from the President of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Kyiv mayor as well as diplomas of international and Ukrainian level for academic achievements and participation in competitions and exhibitions.

For more than 85 years of its existence the university has trained highly qualified professionals who work in all regions of Ukraine and abroad. Among them – the government and political figures, prominent scientists, heads of departments, enterprises, organizations and Institutions, the leading Ukrainian fashion designers.

Today, the university is large developing research complex, which keeping everything from the classical university and implementing innovative development programs. One of the main strategic goals is to increase competitiveness among the leading European research and education centers. We are on the way to integration into the European educational, scientific and information space.

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